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Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Operations Plan

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The Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Operations Plan (TEOP) is a guide to how the Virgin Islands conducts all-hazards response. It is built upon scalable, flexible, and adaptable coordinating structures to align key roles and responsibilities across the Territory and our Federal partners, linking all levels of government, nongovernmental organizations, and the private sector. It is intended to capture specific authorities and best practices for managing incidents that range from the serious but purely local, to large-scale natural or man-made disasters. This TEOP is comprised of a base plan, along with the Emergency Support Function Annexes and Support Annexes, and can be viewed/downloaded by clicking on the image to the right.


The last time the TEOP was updated was around 1997 and has been obsolete for several years. VITEMA re-did the whole plan and modeled it off of the National Response Framework, the national plan that governs the federal government's response to any natural or man-made disaster and the National Incident Management System. Our response structure in our emergency operations centers was also updated to be in compliance with the National Incident Management System (NMIS).

All of the agencies with a major role in our response and recovery operations have signed off on the TEOP as well as Governor John P. de Jongh, Jr. 

With the adoption of this updated TEOP, the Virgin Islands will have a current operational plan that is in compliance with NIMS. We are continuing to update the TEOP's annexes and are also preparing to start exercising the TEOP as early as December 2010.