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VITEMA's EMAP Preliminary Assessment Report

This report summarizes the findings of the pre-assessment team, standard by standard. The US Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency will use the results of the Phase 1 assessment to correct deficiencies in the identified standard areas, and review the remaining standard areas in order to apply what they learned during the pre-assessment to improve those areas as well.

The Phase 1 assessment was conducted using the Emergency Management Standard by EMAP (2013 edition). The standard is intended to increase the Program’s knowledge of the EMAP standards and assist them in understanding how to apply their Program documents to the EMAP Pilot Assessment Report standard, and provide a comprehensive report to assist in identifying areas of focus as they plan for the on-site assessment.

About EMAP
In a time where our Nation’s emergency management is strengthening from the local level to a national scale, accreditation represents a significant achievement. As the eminent emergency management agency in the region, part of VITEMA’s overall strategic goal and vision is to obtain accreditation status.

The Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP) is a standards-based voluntary assessment and accreditation process for government programs responsible for coordinating prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery activities for natural and human-caused disasters. Accreditation is based on compliance with collaboratively developed national standards, the Emergency Management Standard by EMAP.